4D Phasing and Alternatives

Projects are not static and presenting them as fully finished leaves out the crucial intermediary steps. With Beyond CAD, users can tag phase data to every imported or library asset and adjust the phases as necessary using a GANTT chart system to appropriately add time to communicate the project.

In addition to dynamic phasing, the same system can be used to organize and present multiple alternatives for coordination of projects during all phases of development.


Adding the 4th dimension to your Beyond CAD Project

Create custom phases in the Organize tab and tag phase information on every library or imported asset.

Organize each phase using the 4D Phasing GANTT chart in Beyond CAD Studio. Whether the project is weeks, months or years, adjust and organize each phase visually so the assets appear at the correct time.

Settings allow for easy customization including elements of phases dropping in, glowing during construction, persistent on/off and adjustment of the colors within the GANTT chart for easy identification.


Analysis of multiple options on a single project

Using the same phasing system to tag assets in the Organize hierarchy, alternatives can be created and assigned so that each can be reviewed photo-realistically in renders or real-time presentations.

Construction Staging

A robust construction section of the 3D asset library allows for traffic control devices, vehicles and workers to more effectively communicate phases.


A layering system is also available for additional organization during creation within as well as visualization

Independent Camera System

Cameras detached from the phasing system means that switching between phases can happen during specific camera animations

Future Features

Future updates will bring more options within the GANTT chart and (hopefully) integration with Microsoft office and other construction phasing software.

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