Visual Graphics

In the past, adding moving arrows, labels, area of interest highlight and other visual graphics typically involved advanced post processing using software like After Effects. With Beyond CAD the power of high quality visual graphics is accessible for everyone- no complex post processing necessary. Quickly place and adjust pathway arrows, highlight a construction zone with an area highlight or have entire sections of your project glow in the color of your choosing. Scene effects quickly and effectively add an entirely new style to your project or render.

Telling the story of your project has never been easier… or more beautiful.

6 Visual Graphic Types To Help Tell the Story of Your Project

Path arrows

area higlight

Text Labels

Asset Glow

Image Import

Animated Path Arrows

Place animated arrows in seconds to explain transportation or other movements clearly and effectively, especially for newer project types like diverging diamond interchanges. Using the phasing settings you can also turn them on and off as necessary for rendered or interactive visualization.

Chose from nearly a dozen different arrow sizes and adjust the width, speed and color of each pathway as to convey the right message.

Traditional visualization typically requires post-processing using complex software to achieve animated arrows like these. With Beyond CAD, the arrows are in the 3D model and will show up in any rendered or interactive visualization.

Area Highlight

By placing a number of nodes around any area you would like to highlight you can instantly create a draped, highlighted mesh to help communicate the project.

Chose from a variety of styles and colors and adjust the size of patterns to get the right look. Phasing will place the highlights on the appropriate phases or alternatives.

Text Labels

Create panel labels with leader lines to call out areas within the project with a title and description or use 3D text for project highlights, sign names and more.

Asset/Mesh Glow

Create a mesh highlight on any asset library, imported mesh or even imported sub-mesh to call out objects in the project. Adjust the color and pulse for added customization. 

In the 4D Phasing/GANTT area of Beyond CAD Studio you can turn on auto-highlight which will highlight each mesh briefly as it comes into the phase.

Image Import (coming soon)

Import .png files of freeway shields to hover over a given road and highlight various movements.

Import any image and place it in the scene to demonstrate various parts of the project or help tell the story. This could include custom arrows, site pictures of the project or whatever your imagination allows.

Mix and Match

You don't have to settle for a single visual graphic- mix and match as many as you need!


When selecting colors you can chose the brightest or highest contrast or you can chose tones from project marketing.


Visualization doesn't have to just be rendered projects. Add graphics and visuals to tell the story of your project.


Phase graphics for easy switching on and off or to help communicate complex MOT or other construction staging.

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